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Claims should be filed within the following month at the nearest Social Security Administration office. Claims for the lump sum death benefit must be filed within two years after death or benefits will not be honored. There is no charge for the Administration’s assistance in the filing of claim papers.
     The Social Security Administration requires the following information:

  1. Certified copy of death certificate of Statement of Death (form SSA 721, filed by the funeral director).
  2. Decedent’s employment record for the past year (W-2 form).
  3. Personal income tax returns (if self-employed).
  4. If married, marriage certificate.
  5. Decedent’s Social Security card number.
  6. Birth certificates of minor children (under 18).
Proof of age if over 60 (birth certificate or religious record recorded before age 5).

Note: Consult your local Administration office about other proofs which may be acceptable.
Inquire about the following benefits:

  • Lump sum death payment to surviving spouse or son or daughter entitled to benefits.
  • Benefits to widow/widower over 60.
  • Benefits to widowed with dependent children.
  • Benefits to decedent’s minor children.
  • Benefits to disabled widow/widower age 50-60.

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